Westside Music Studio is owned and run by Alex in Los Angeles, CA United States. Alex is a music instructor that started trading guitars in the early 2000s. There are two sides to the company; a recording studio, Westside Music Studio, situated in the basement and a ground-level shop, selling strings, new and second-hand guitars.

In 2017, the shop, Westside Music Studio, moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The increased space allowed for expansion in the mail order division. The mail order department grew again in 2020 when it introduced a warehouse for holding and sending out stock.

Westside Music Studio has always gone that little bit extra for our customers. Not only do we offer the cheapest prices consistently across the board, but we also back this up with exceptionally friendly and helpful service that has to be experienced to be believed!

Our extra attention to detail means that every single guitar that we sell has been lovingly set up to the highest possible standards. If it’s not right we’ll fix it.

Through all the changes that have occurred to Westside Music Studio over the years, one thing still remains the same: our staff is friendly, approachable, and always willing to help.


We are an independent, guitar specialist, and not a ‘general’ music store. As such we are able to offer quite a bit extra than most other music shops in terms of customer service and product quality.

Every guitar we sell is thoroughly checked, accurately tuned, set up, and cleaned before we put it up for sale. We pride ourselves on the ‘off the shelf’ quality of our stock. Our customers regularly enthuse us about how our guitars seem to simply ‘be better’ than the same guitar tried out elsewhere. The answer is very simple, we take that bit more care, we don’t simply take it out of the box and chuck it on a wall.

We have a thorough check procedure that every guitar goes through. If it needs to be adjusted, we do it, and usually, the guitars we spend the most time on are the best examples of the type. If there is any basic deficiency in the product we don’t put it up for sale. You only need to talk to the returns departments of our suppliers to know that we won’t suffer poor quality stock, we are right on the phone and send it straight back to them!

Every member of staff is a proficient guitarist themselves (although we never bore you about it!) and has a strong personal interest in guitars and music generally. Call us or pop into the shop and you will be talking to someone who understands your requirements and will always try to help you find the guitar that suits you.


Alexander O’Neil – Director

Has the ‘Power of Sound’ embedded into his fingers. Forgotten that he’s actually quite good at the guitar, it’s been that long since anyone heard him. Has been a guitar specialist since he was, but a boy. 

Austin ‘Wolf’  Mathew- Sales and Social Media

Known as “Wolf” to all so as to avoid confusion with our illustrious leader. He is responsible for the majority of what you will see on our social media outlets. Top guitarist and there is a rumor that he likes cake.

Logan Webb – Sales

Seen either gliding along on a mini skateboard or lighting up the strings on a guitar, Matt provides a breadth of in-store expertise. He regularly busks around the US, and is very useful behind a mixing desk to boot.

Mary Steele – Sales

Mary is a 6-string aficionado and even more knowledgeable when it comes to 7 and 8-strings. Mary also plays drums, bass, and guitar so she’s got you covered in all departments.

Jacob Hulley – Web Manager

Lover of all things acoustic, Jacob can usually be found taking pictures of new guitars, drafting email updates and generally keeping the site well-spruced. Fond of church and a good coffee.

Ella Marshall – Technician and Dispatch Manager

Active musician and skilled guitar technician, Ella’s house is filled with almost as many guitars as many small retailers. Where does she sleep?