A Bass Guitar is a stringed instrument usually featuring 4 or 5 strings and an electromagnetic pickup. Commonly tuned to E, A, D, G the electric bass is similar in appearance to the electric guitar with a longer neck. The bass is also available as an acoustic bass with bronze strings. The Fretless bass guitar is more of a specialist instrument and is a lighter, electrified version of the double bass.

If you’re a beginner, choose the Yamaha RBX170 Bass or the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass. These bass guitars provide excellent tone and style at an affordable price. Best of all, their sturdy design will endure the rigorous testing that an eager learner would subject them to. Perhaps you’re an experienced gamer searching for a new challenge. If that’s the case, you’ll adore Fender’s American Deluxe Jazz Bass V 5-String Electric Bass. This lovely five-string is outfitted with new electronics and Noiseless pickups for a crisp low-end performance you’ll love.

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