• POWER: 60W
  • CHANNELS: Microphone ¼”, instrument XLR
  • SHAPE FOR EACH CHANNEL: ‘Out’; a flat EQ response. ‘In’ position; a mid-cut with a low and high boost
  • CH.1 EQ: Low, Mid, High
  • CH.2 EQ: Low, High
  • ANTI-FEEDBACK: Yes (global Phase switch)
  • REVERB: Yes (Hall, Plate)
  • MP3 / LINE IN: Yes
  • XLR D.I. OUT: Yes (Mix)
  • USB AUDIO: Yes
  • FOOTSWITCH: Optional FS-17 (Mute and Reverb on/off)
  • PA STAND MOUNTABLE: Yes (with optional SA-2 adaptor)
  • SPEAKER: 1 x 6.5” + tweeter
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